Around the web: 6 things to read about surface parking

If you manage surface parking, we’ve curated a few articles we’re reading that might be helpful for you! Two big takeaways: 1) mobile payment adoption is increasing and 2) more parking tickets are being issued than ever. See below and enjoy:

  1. NYC Parking Tickets: In 2016, NYC brought in a whopping $545M in parking fines, up $32M since 2012
  2. From the T2/Digital blog (2016): Do multi-space pay stations give you an edge for surface parking?
  3. From Smarking’s blog: The rise of mobile payments in Boulder and their impact on pay stations.
  4. More on NYC parking tickets: Now there’s an app that helps New Yorkers fight parking tickets
  5. Parking officers in the US’ 4th densest city are encouraged to issue parking tickets every 20 minutes
  6. (Parking nerds only!) Victoria Policy Transport Institute (VPTI) released a detailed study of parking costs in the US

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